Thursday, October 13, 2011

CAN TEEN - A Cancer Charity

So here was I right, updating my blog and posting old posts that I never ever posted (I edited them first though) and this guy knocks on my front door.

He's cute and he's wearing a bandanna, he talks to much, and he's funny.

He's raising awareness for a charity called Canteen. It's an Australian Organisation for people living with cancer, they help the kids out, and their family and the kids can go on camps.

It sounded rad so of course I looked it up.

I got this from their website.


No young person should have to go through cancer alone. You can help make sure that someone will always be there for them - by joining us on National Bandanna Day on Friday 28th October.
How can you help? There are lots of different ways to get involved, including:
  • Selling bandannas - out on the streets or to family, friends and workmates
  • Helping us pack bandanna boxes, or
  • Organising a fundraising event at your school or workplace.
Your support will help raise awareness and vital funds to pay for CanTeen programs, services and resources.
Not only will you be supporting young people living with cancer through an incredibly difficult time, you will be helping them get their lives back on track.

I'm so gonna wear a bandanna from their organization. Just have to find where they sell one first.
I'm looking for this.

Please check out their website and support them.
Not convinced? What if I said you'll get billions of good karma?
Go check their website a bit more, I have to get crack-a-lacking. Just Another Girl, signing out bitches.

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