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Review: The French Confection - Anthony Horowitz


"Tim," I asked. "What's the French for 'murder'?" Tim shrugged. "Why do you want to know?" "I don't know." I stepped onto the escalator and let it carry me down. "I've just got a feeling it's something we're going to need." When the hard-up Diamond brothers, Tim and Nick, win a weekend for two in Paris, it looks as if their luck is taking a turn for the better. But looks can be deceptive. No sooner have they arrived in the French capital than the brothers are up to their necks in danger. There's a nasty smell in the air and it's not the cheese. If Nick and Tim aren't careful, their dream holiday could end up being a nightmare from which they'll never wake up... 

Anthony Horowitz is an amazing action author. He wrote the Alex Rider series for reluctant boys who didn't want to read. The only people that haven't heard about the Alex Rider series is probably either deaf, blind or both. However, this book review won't be about me gushing endlessly about how bloody fantastic Anthony Horowitz writes. If you want to know, just pick up a book at your local library or stop being a blooming miser and buy a book from a local book shop. 

Seeing as how the book industry is on a steady decline thanks to iPads and kindles and e-books in general you might actually find that it's hard to find a decent popular outlet that sells books. I'm still seriously peeved about how Dymocks just upped and left from where they were stationed in our little shopping mall. What the hell am I supposed to do about my $20.00 Dymocks voucher now?

So right, back to Anthony Horowitz. He has written this amazing book series (novellas) for children, and my brother and I are highly addicted to it. Our favourite - "I Know What You Did Last Wednesday". Bloody fantastic. 

The series, 'Diamond Brothers' only have about two hundred pages in every book hence it becomes a novella I think (I haven't researched just saw it was called a novella somewhere). Don't swear by my name on that, because I read this book in my first week of holidays and have currently forgotten how many pages they were exactly. However, one finds they can read this lovely little book within a few hours. I just adore how Anthony jumps into his books, and how sarcastic and funny Nick is, also how he spins a tale is quite mesmerizing. There is bloody bits in this novella so please don't read this if you're under Grade 4. No swear words (at least none that I have noticed) and the prose style is quite relaxed (it's written for children and it's from Nicks' POV) but the story non the less is excellent! 

Nick and Tim are brothers, Nick has the brains, and Tim well let's just say the stupid sidekick however Tim is much older than Nick. Nick lives with his brother and most of the time they don't have much of an income. Tim is the worst detective in the whole world, Nick solves all the mysteries, while his older brother gets the credit, oh and the money. So when they fight over a French strawberry yoghurt (it's the only edible item in their house), and Tim wins, they discover they have won a trip to Paris. It looks like a blessed turn of good luck for once right? Wrong. Don't worry though, Horowitz always lets his characters survive physically but just like in Alex Rider - in every following books the characters will ALWAYS be a little bit more emotionally damaged. Very realistic this fellow, it's a good thing people. That's why people love his books so much, because in real life when one enters a difficult situation, you get burned and you never leave unscathed.    

I have read this novella so many times as our library doesn't have the complete series and I love it to smithereens. This series is timeless. If you're looking to invest on a really good series that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the rest of you life, then you better buy them up fast on Amazon as they are quite old. This time around when I read the book,  I noticed quirky misleadings given by the author to deliberately throw you off the current track of solving the mystery. The more you read a book, the more you understand. The first time I read this book I missed stupid, little things that are essential to the plot. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just end this pathetic excuse of a book review by saying that with Anthony Horowitz you can't go wrong. You know those lovely authors who write good story lines, research like hell but still their books aren't, well just aren't the best? Well Mr. Horowitz isn't one of them. He aces it every time. Oh, and see how the setting is France? You can't go wrong there either.

Rating: 5/5

By the way, the French for 'murder' is assassiner. I have a feeling you might need to know that for this novella.

J'aime tout français, et ce livre est un de mes favoris. Ceci estJust Another Girl donnant une critique de livre ennuyeux, ce qui ne sera jamais lu si elles ont en fait un bip de vie.

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