Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playlist for 'Breathe'

Hey Y'all! :D
I'm writing a book at the moment. Yes, I know. On top of ALL my year 10 work and music practice I'm writing a book. These holidays I've finished Chapter 1 in one of the character's perspective ( I finished Ayden's POV holidays before last) which I AM SO JAZZED about.

My book is about two people.

The Heroine: Seventeen year old, wild girl, Calista Madison, gets kicked out of an American boarding school in New York. She's publicly disgraced, and her dad cancels her summer trip to Hawaii. Fed up to with his daughter's naughty antics, she's sent off to dreary, grey England to live with her grandparents where she eventually discovers who she really is.

The Hero: Ayden Park has been running ever since his twin brother Alex died. Emotionally shut down, Ayden returns to his home town (in England) for the summer holidays and hardly interacts with any of his old friends. Locked up in his room during the daytime, and out all night becomes his new lifestyle. Ayden's friends are shocked and scared. It's nearly been a year, so why is Ayden still locked up in a mental prison? When will he stop running and hiding long enough to face his past?

So far these are the songs that have inspired my book and are constantly being played when I need them to. (:

1. I Won't Let You Go - James Morrison
2. Dirty Dancer - Enrique Iglesias
3. The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert
4. Fearless- Taylor Swift
5. Melody Fair - Bee Gees
6. Nothing - The Script
7. Please Don't Leave Me - Pink
8. You Won't Feel A Thing - The Script

More will be added soon. Trust me.
Just Another Girl.

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