Sunday, October 16, 2011

Secret Sunday No 1: I ♥ Indie Music.

It's a lazy Sunday where I am at today. Normally Sundays, mean church, and church means a super busy fast paced day, but today I'm not at my stressed crazed house. I'm living with my sister for a week.
I'm happy, because I got experience what a pagan Sunday is like. Excuse the term-ology, what I'm trying to say is for all my life, apart from when I've been sick I've gone to church on Sundays, and to not to, is really nice. It really feels like a weekend, two empty days to fill in with nonsense. I have experienced how the rest of the world spends a Sunday and it really is quite nice and quiet. Now I can understand why some people love Sundays. I did some every interesting things today. I washed a stack of dishes that were a pile high (exaggeration) I know, I surprised a hell of a lot people with that. Thing is I can wash the dishes, I just prefer not to, and to tell people I can't because it takes so blimey long and I can't so knackered by the end of it. Plus, if I did it at home, people would be standing by and commenting. Very annoying.  Anywho, I decided to fill in the missing church gap with a blog post today - about a deep, dark secret of mine.

Normally I would be extremely vary of dishing to all my mind readers (none of course) about all these little small bands I've discovered and loved. Some have them have become huge now. I don't feel proud when they do. I love them, but I want them all to myself, you know?

Since it's Sunday, why don't we make this a ritual. Every Sunday, I'll spill out a secret, big or small. If for some unknown reason, I do get people actually reading this drippy crap, then by all means please do share a Sunday Secret (SS) with me.

So my secret is I love indie music. I listen to mainstream music most of the time, the radio is normally always playing somewhere, and if not then I YouTube popular hits, and listen to them while I email or blog. However, there are days when I'll want to be tottaly myself. Which is a rather dreary state I should say. My point is indie sort of music makes me very unstressed and as a result, peaceful and well sad. I tend to stay away from it for some unknown reason. Okay, maybe one of the reasons I get sad when I listen to indie music is it's because it remains me of someone. A boy. He was cute, and funny and we talked for ages. I know this is going to sound weird, but all of a sudden he disappeared, I lost contact with him and eventually I forgot his name and all I had left was what he shared with me - his love for indie music. His favourite song at the time was 'Abandoned Town - The Smooth Maria. I adored it then, I adore it now. I listen to this song when I'm sad or lonely and it cheers me up. It's probably the only indie song that ever does. It makes me happy because for those small hours we shared together he made me the happiest I think I'd ever been.

This is 'The Smooth Maria'

Not the best photo of them above, I rather like the background image found in this Youtube video. It happens to be my favourite song of theirs too.Like always I absolutely hate droning about intelligibly about every little thing about them.

This lovely little blogger made a really nice post of them a couple years back.

Click here to read The Really Nice Post about the Smooth Maria.

Also, here is their website. Click Me

There's another rad indie band called, "The Vaccines". I discovred them from an author's blog, Sarra Manning's to be exact and I liked them. I think the author's favourite song was 'Norgaard' and I can say absolutely love that song too. It reminds me of summer and hot boys and being a teenager, carnivals and music festivals. I think it's steadily becoming my new happy music. Oh, and did I mention they are an English band? Gotta love that.

This is their first album. Did mention I LOVE the album cover? Well I do.

Well, that's it for spilling out secrets people. I don't think I've ever told a human being of my obsession with indie music. But now the cat's out of the bag.

Seeing as how I have no followers (I like that, it's kind of a like an online diary) I might as well add why I didn't tell any of my friends I love Indie music. Firstly, none of my friends like indie music. You have to be special to like this sort of music. Secondly, there are some things I like to keep a secret you know? Just for me and my beautiful mind to know.

This is Secret Sunday and I'm Just Another Girl signing off. As it's the end of the weekend, try not to go heavy on the liquor, as Monday is just around the corner and the last thing you want to do, is to wake up with a hangover and be late for work.

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