Sunday, November 6, 2011

Song Of The Week

I have decided that every week I will upload a current favourite obsession of mine. It was hard to choose this week. I have been trolling on Le Jukebox and that bloke (I'm presuming he's a male) has the most amazing and unique artists on there.

'Bruises' by Chairlift reminds me of summertime, falling in love, doing handstands and headstands to impress a bloke, and having said bloke ice your bruising knees with frozen strawberries that you eat romantically together and in doing so both your lips get pink, black and blue.

Click here to see them perform 'Bruises' live and to see how hot Aaron Pfenning is (the male vocalist) in the song.

It also helps when Aaron Pfenning has the world's most sexist voice too. It's been on my iPod on a constant repeat since I uploaded Podcast #37 (it's free!!) from Le Jukebox.

If you are a big fan of indie or electronic pop, you just have to check him out, Just Another Girl has given him two thumps up! (: 

Song Of The Week: Bruises - Chairlift 

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