Tuesday, February 14, 2012

VCE Is Taking Up All Of My Time, I Doubt I Have Time To Fall In Love, That's Okay, I'll Keep On Loving Boys Who I Can't Have

I watched 'Footloose' the 2011 version. I waited ages to watch this and finally got my Mum and sister to rent it from the video store for me today. It was quite amazing.

This song stole my breath away.
I think this is what I will down the isle to on my wedding day. If I ever get married. If I ever get proposed to. If I ever find a decent boy. If I ever fall in love. Lot's of if's people.


Kenny Wormald did not fail in his performance. He was yummy, is it legal to be that hot?

And for those eejits who don't know who he is.

God, I need a hero.

Are they even boys like that these days?

Cute boys, and no gay ones.

We all know the nice ones are gay. No offence.

JAG is tired. Hasta La Vista.

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