Saturday, April 28, 2012

Handbag Dilemma

I'm considering buying a gorgeous handbag from Strandbags and I don't know whether to buy the black or tan version. 

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So while I spent this whole day debating between them, I found this picture from the Chictopia website:


And it reinforced the truth, that I mostly wear black shoes.





Note in the photos below that all the girls are either wearing bright/outrageous colors (which I don't really wear) or brown/nude shoes to match their outfit or both. I don't have enough bright colour clothing in my cupboard to allow myself to buy a brown handbag. At least that is what I'm telling myself.

I love the fact that she is skinny enough to pull off this outfit. I love her boots!
Overall the outfit is put together perfectly. Those bright colours really make the brown bag
stand out like it should and the black boots/jacket cement the outfit together!

Apart from the top, I can totally imagine one of my tall model-like friends wearing this outfit.
You know who you are. I adore this shade of green. I have nude high heels like her! 

I love how this chick is making her nearly all black outfit pop out with brown shoes and a brown handbag.
Don't worry, I'm taking notes. :)

This chick is rocking orange jeans. Enough said. I love her pointy brown high heels with those gorgeous bows on them. I would love a pair of those. And to that friend of mine don't you just adore that material and THE PETER PAN COLLAR?

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