Thursday, May 10, 2012

Expressionism (From My History Textbook)

The artistic freedom permitted by democracy (Weimar Republic) enabled a 'golden age' for German cinema under the influence of a movement called Expressionism:

'The expressionist movement was a philosophical movement in post war Europe that was prominent among artists and performers. Expressionists believed that industrialization, fast-paced city life and war had left people alienated from each other. Expressionists aimed to revive the human spirit by encouraging people to rediscover their emotions.. Through their art, music, film, drama, and dance Expressionists used a variety of means, such as distortion, bold, colour, exaggeration and shadow, to convey feelings.'

philosophical movement is where a group of people hold a particular way of thinking about truth or reality. 

Distortion in art, is a way of depicting an object as twisted, crooked or otherwise distorted....

Now, I have to wonder, why the hell wasn't I born during this movement in 1919-1933? 

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